Max & Denise

Having performed together for over 30 years, the husband and wife team, "Max & Denise", have honed their music to a fine edge. Playing a wide variety of songs , from the 50s to current hits and covering genres from mellow, classic folk right through to fill-tilt rock, Max & Denise have a repertoire featuring over 200 songs. They are sure to hit upon tunes to please everyone in your crowd! 

Featuring the beautifully soaring mezzo-soprano of Denise and the gutsy power of Max, the two voices come together in seamless harmonies that only come from years of working together. Their vocals are backed by the solid rhythm and stylish flat-picking of Max's guitar work, while Denise provides rhythm guitar, mandolin, and the toe-tapping sounds of hand-held percussion. Max & Denise use the "state-of-the-art" Bose L-I sound system to deliver clean, accurate distortion-free sound.  

Comments like, "You guys put out a lot of sound for two people!" are not uncommon after a Max & Denise show. They are sure to provide music that will please most any crowd. 



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